The Nightingale Collective


We want to encourage a more conscious consumer, one who knows and cares where the product they buy is made, the stories behind the people who made it, and how their purchase can provide a meaningful impact for communities. We believe ethics and style do not need to be mutually exclusive.

By purchasing something from The Nightingale Collective you buy some beautiful art, jewellery and accessories knowing the proceeds are directly going to help people and communities recover and rebuild from natural disasters, war and many other injustices.

The Nightingale Collective was born on a trip to Nepal where it was evident that local artisans had incredible talent but were not supported for their work or had access to new markets. We wanted to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity and provide a platform for responsible commerce.

The trip also coincided with the devastating Nepal Earthquake of 2015. We saw how the community not only required substantial aid – but they needed a stable economy and investment in their local industries to rebuild.

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