Artisan Spotlight: Calyz Textiles

Over the next month we are recognising our talented women artisans from India, like those who work with Calyz Textiles and make our gorgeous new journals from India.

Founded in 2006, Calyz is a social enterprise based in India that employs women through rural self-help groups, a system created by Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Mohammad Yunus.

Not only does Calyz promote the preservation of traditional Indian textile crafts but aims to empower the lives of the women artisans. This includes providing flexible work that can be done from home or community centres and independence through offering financial counselling.

Women without a background in textile production are also employed and provided with training to create the gorgeous handmade pieces. Plus, all of the products are made using eco-friendly dyes and natural materials - what's not to love!

Discover the journals made by Calyz Textiles.